Partners in Parenting is the core mission of the School and is reflected in every single aspect of all our school activities.

Starlets belief system

EEE: Experience, Education and Environment
EPIC SAGA: Enhancing Parents Inspiring Childhood
SSSE: Safe Secure and Stimulating Environment

What makes us special

Everything that sets us apart are rooted in 3 facts:

1) Our pool of invaluable resources that stretch from Infrastructure to IT
2) Experts of several years of experience that ensures superior staff
3) Extensive research to understand and identify concerns of parents especially the working parents about their child's overall development in their absence whilst at work ensuring their peace of mind.

Early childhood

It includes the stages of infancy, preschool & the early primary years.

The early childhood years are critical since development & growth takes place at a rapid pace. Hence, an appropriate (warm & secure) & a stimulating environment that provides the child with varied experiences ensuring ample opportunities for play, creative thinking, expression, observation & experimentation is a must for his or her holistic & overall development.